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A combination effort by ANRI and HUMMEL to produce this wonderful hand carved music box with a gold plated 36 note movement made by Reuge of Switzerland. The name of this treasure is 'CHICK GIRL' like the porcelain Hummel piece. Limited edition. Boxes on hand are not signed. Measures 6 x 4.5 x 3 inches.

The Four Seasons Series Chick Girl Music Box, created by Goebel and produced by Anri brings together these two companies of this unique collectible. As the chief interpreters of Sister Maria Innocent Hummel's artwork, Goebels' master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek and master painter Guenther Neubauer traveled to Italys to work with the Anri craftsman. Lovely handcrafted, 'Chick Girl' is a blend of each company's finest artistry. The second in a four part series has a limited worldwide edition of 10.000 which was not completed. The porcelain plaque on the inside cover bears the name of the series and of the motif, as well as the individual number of each piece. The Reuge 36-note movement made in Switzerland plays Strauss' enchanting Voice of Spring. The goldplated movement can be played while the box is either open or closed, so that the song will play to its conclusion. An unusual limited edition, Chick Girl is an important authentic to the M.I. Hummels collection.