#600 Antique Music Box

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This beautiful vintage Music Box dates around the 1890's. It has a 42 Note comb and carries 8 Tunes. There is a switch to start and stop and a switch to change or repeat a tune. On the side there is the crank to wind the music box.The simple inlay is on the top with a Tambourine and Horn. There is also clean lines inlay in the front of the box. Beautiful to listen to. Measures 13.75 x 5.25 x 7.25. Plays the tunes: 

Le Perin Bleu Valse, Donna Juanita, Higoletto La dona a Mobile, The Mascon, Juliette en Romeo, Stille Nache, Nandolinata and Le Postillon de Gonjumeau

This is how it reads on the label.